Cigarettes to E-cigarettes: are you ready to make the switch?

Cigarettes to E-cigarettes: are you ready to make the switch?

It’s no surprise that around 6 in 10 people in the UK would like to quit smoking and extensive research suggests that if you are able to do so by the time you are 40 you reduce the risk of limiting your life expectancy by almost 90%.

But what actually happens when you quit smoking and do your lungs ever fully recover?

The simple answer is YES! This however doesn’t me you shouldn’t try to quit sooner if you can as ex-smokers are still at greater risk of smoking related illnesses than non-smokers.

So let’s take a look at what actually happens to your body once you quit smoking and the timeline of improvements you can expect to see:

Not only should you notice these amazing health benefits but your appearance will improve as your skin no longer sustains damage to the elastin, wrinkles should appear reduced and your teeth staining will be limited as as a result of no longer being exposed to the tar and ash present in cigarettes.

So are you ready to make the switch?

A large number of NanoSTIX customers who have already tried alternative nicotine substitutes found that switching to an e-cigarette was actually comparatively easy as there needs to be no finality associated with smoking that last cigarette. The mechanism of using a vaping device is so similar to that of smoking and the user is still receiving that nicotine hit their body is craving just without the harmful chemicals contained in a traditional cigarette.

Here are some recent NanoSTIX customers sharing their vaping stories: 

"Very very good customer service and product is top notch, would advise for anyone trying to quit cigarettes, flavours are amazing and nicotine in each pod is just right, I’ve tried a number of vapes last year but still ended up smoking cigs, my nanostix arrived on the 10th January and I haven’t had a cigarette since. Thank you 10/10" S Ali 

"I absolutely love the nanostix kit. It's such a brilliant little device. The flavours are amazing and it has to easily be the best prefilled pod system I've used." J 

"I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived by Friday and since I have bought the Nanostix, I have not had a cigarette . Like both flavours I bought, Strawberry & Vanilla and the Utopia Coffee. The reason I tried this Ecig and none of the others because of the pods, it appealed because it was so easy. You don't have to refill the liquid or change the coil like other Ecigs. Once the pod is finished, it is so easy to replace with a new one. I am truly amazed how simple it is and the money I am saving will be put towards trying the other flavours and for other luxuries. Thank you Nanostix." B Anderson

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