Cloud chasing and sub-ohm vaping, is it really for you?

Cloud chasing and sub-ohm vaping, is it really for you?

Grown from a sub-culture that has emerged from the underground trickster scene, sub-ohming is the name given to a style of vaping that aims to decrease the resistance of the coil below 1 ohm. This is done with the intention of achieving a warm direct lung vape with bigger flavour and seriously big clouds!


Although Sub Ohm vaping does have it’s benefits, it’s predominantly geared towards cloud chasers and not necessarily the style of vaping that would suit the majority of mainstream vapers looking for a mouth to lung hit which is more similar to smoking traditional cigarettes.


Sub-ohm not only means you need to carry with you a relatively bulky device that are notorious for leaking and can require a fair amount of technical upkeep, their batteries also take longer to charge and come with associated risks of mechanical mods not being able to detect problems that could lead to critical battery failure and in some cases, explosion.


Lower Ohms also mean less resistance on your coil resulting in mechanical mods requiring far more frequent coil changes which can be time consuming and also requires a certain degree of expertise if you wish to build the coils yourself.


You might be better suited to a closed system e-cigarette device if:

  • You’re not interested in fiddly coil building or mod upkeep
  • You prefer a mouth to lung throat hit
  • You’re not interested in producing big clouds and would prefer a more discreet vaping experience that is accepted at a great number of public places
  • You’re still having a sneaky cigarette in between sub-ohm vaping, it’s highly likely that you are not able to satisfy your nicotine cravings with your current set up.


NanoSTIX are the perfect go to for someone looking for a different style of vaping or purely an alternative to smoking. This little, revolutionary e-cigarette device promises unrivalled flavour and superior nicotine delivery in a simple and sleek closed system e-cigarette device.

 If you are a current smoker looking for an alternative you are almost certainly better off opting for a closed system device to easily transition to a safer, cleaner alternative to achieve something that will give you the similar satisfaction to smoking.

We have developed a simple and easy to use conversion chart below to help you determine the correct usage to match or to gradually reduce your nicotine intake.

 nanostix usage

Purchase your starter kit today, complete with everything you need to try our superior NanoNIC technology and switch to a closed system pod device.