Is Vaping safer than Smoking?

Is Vaping safer than Smoking?


Smoking is currently still the biggest form of preventable death in the UK so for obvious reasons Public Health England are keen to dispel some of the myths surrounding vaping. Recently they launched a YouTube campaign using a simple experiment that visually demonstrates the relative safety of vaping devices versus cigarettes.


As vaping devices are still relatively new, long-term research is still fairly limited in the area which is why the industry and leading government bodies are keen to learn more about the effect vaping has on the body and whether or not they are a safe and viable alternative to cigarettes.


In this video, Dr Lion Shahab, leading smoking cessation academic uses a simple bell jar method to demonstrate the effect that either one month of smoking or vaping has on the lungs.

 effect of smoking on the lungs

(Image of cotton wool from the bell jar after the equivalent of 1 month usage of cigarettes)

He concludes that ‘e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than cigarettes due to the lack of tar that is not produced by e-cigarette but is produced by cigarettes.’ Dr Leonard and Dr Shahab go on to explain that ‘it is this tar that contains the poisonous chemicals that spread through the blood stream which are linked to diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.’

 effect that vaping has on the lungs

(Image of cotton wool from the bell jar after the equivalent of 1 month usage of an e-cigarette

The media is still publishing conflicting and misleading articles which only add to the ongoing confusion surrounding the safety of e-cigarettes. However, the view that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking is not only supported by Public Health England but also Cancer Research UK, Action on Smoking and Health, the Royal College of Physicians, the British Medical Association and recently, a major US science body, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.


If you are looking for an alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes can play a significant role in providing a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Local Stop Smoking Services (LSSS) report that, combined with their services, e-cigarette use has helped two thirds of people successfully quit the habit and go smoke free.


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