Hear from the UK NanoSTIX founder why NanoSTIX isn't just another e-cigarette device.

Hear from the UK NanoSTIX founder why NanoSTIX isn't just another e-cigarette device.


What made you want to introduce NanoSTIX to the UK market?


The popularity of NanoSTIX in Malaysia is huge with over 100,000 active users and I could really see the appeal the devices would have in the UK market. The UK currently has 7.4 million cigarette smokers with around 60% of these people admitting they wanted to quit the habit. I knew that the simple, fuss free nature of the NanoSTIX technology would be popular amongst our customers, sliding seamlessly into their day to day routine. Over the past two months our soft launch has seen some incredible feedback from our customers who have reported back their life changing stories of how NanoSTIX has helped them.


What’s NanoNIC?


One of the main reasons that smokers are reluctant to switch from cigarettes to vaping is the worry that the nicotine hit they received from smoking will not be matched by a vape device. Having tried nearly all of the devices currently on the marketing I believe that NanoSTIX deliver the perfect balance of great taste and efficient nicotine delivery, it is our NanoNIC technology and unique e-liquid formula that deliver these superior results.


How has it helped you?


I have gone from smoking 25 cigarettes a day to completely quitting with the help of NanoSTIX which is why I really believe in the product. I have tried so many different brands closed system pod devices and NanoSTIX has been the only one that has really satisfied my craving enough to make me turn by back on the cigarettes for good. My breathing has got easier and constant coughing has significantly reduced since quitting and I am really getting used to the cleaner, smoke free lifestyle. I am loving no more smelly clothes and lingering odours around the house! I had also tried nicotine patches in the past but they just didn’t work for me. Smoking is a much about the physical habit as well as the craving for nicotine that cigarettes deliver, so having something else to hold to gradually wean myself off was really key.


Who is the product aimed at?


NanoSTIX are geared towards adult smokers and aim to provide them with the safest yet most satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes. Our NanoPODs use a natural salt-based nicotine that mimics the rapid nicotine delivery that a cigarette smoker is used to. This really increases the likelihood of a long-term switch to vaping. We are also launching different nicotine strengths soon that will cater to each users preferred nicotine hit. The NanoSTIX device is so easy to use it has a universal appeal amongst all adult age groups and professions. As vaping devices are now acceptable in the workplace, it slides seamlessly into the day to day routine of young professionals to tradesmen and everyone in-between.


What advice would you give to first time vaper looking to try NanoSTIX as an alternative to smoking?


We have created a user guide below to help smokers’ transition easily to vaping by knowing roughly how often they should vape as an equivalent alternative. It will feel foreign to begin with as the sensation is slightly different to smoking and can take some people a while to get used to so I would advise anyone just starting vaping to stick with it until they get used to the new way of nicotine delivery.

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